Frequently asked questions

Can spectators come?

Absolutely! They will not be allowed around the course but they see you set off and return down our MASSIVE slide (perfect photo opportunities!) Back at base they can enjoy a hot drink, something to eat or something stronger while they wait for your return. *We do ask that you car share where you can to save the enviroment and our parking!*

What Should I Bring?

ID + your ticket (printed or screenshot) Trainers Change of Clothing & Shoes Plastic Bag (for wet, muddy gear) Cash for food and drinks!

Why Do You Need My ID?

For your saftey we need to know it is YOU running and your ticket has not been passed on to someone else. This is just in case a problem does arise we will know via your runners number all of the correct details.

Can I Enter Alone?

Of course! But it is more fun with friends. Some obstacles may require assistace but our marshalls and other runners will no doubt give you a hand!

There Is More Than One Of Us - Do We Have To Enter As A Team?

No - but it will help make sure you are all in the same Wave Time! But you can enter as individuals and just make sure your Wave Times are the same. *If there is a group of 10 entering you will get 10% off if you enter as a team!*

Running For Charity..

We are working on this! We are looking a Partnering with a couple of charities that will allow you discount entry for raising over a certain amount... We will keep you posted!

What Shall I Wear?

Anything you like! Just remember it will get muddy and we cannot be held accountable for your dry cleaning bill! We recommend trainers and running gear.

Are There Showers?

There will a couple of hot showers available but you might have to expect to queue! Most of the mud should be washed off after your dip down the slide - we will also have some hoses on hand! Changing tents will be available.