Is this your first mud run? 

Find out the details and what to expect on the day! 

The Run

The event will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am - 5.00pm


The route is around 6km with 15+ obstacles and should be manageable for most.

Some of our obstacles are tough and you might need a helping hand but if there are any you are uncomfortable with simply do 25 press up forfeit and skip! When in doubt - leave it out!

When Do I Run?


Running as a team? No problem! Look for the team option when you go to book your tickets to make sure you are all together. 

For safety and for your enjoyment we do not let everyone run at once and will release batches every half an hour. 

When you book your ticket you have the option to choose your time, so if you're running with a friend or as a team make sure you have the same slot on the same day or book via our team option.

Time choices are on a first come first serve basis so the later you leave buying your ticket, the less options there might be left! 


Am I Fit To Run?

This is not a competition and everyone can go at their own pace! We do recommend some training before for you to really enjoy the day. 

If you have any concerns at all seek your GP's advice. 

Age Limits

Unfortunately to complete the full course you must 16+. However please do get in touch if you any one 12 or over interested as we may try and organise a slightly amended course. 

What's Included...

In your ticket price to compete you also get a t-shirt, a free finishing beer and other goodies. 

Spectators are totally free.


There will be free parking available. 

Food & Drink

There will be a fully stocked Beer Tent for celebrations after the run as well as some brilliant local foodies serving up an assortment of delicious post-run meals.

Security & Bag Drop

We suggest storing as many of your personal possessions in your car which will be very close to the event base. If this is not possible we will be offering a bag drop service for £2.00. 

Showers & Changing 

Although your final dip at the bottom of the slide will hopefully have got the worst of the mud off, we will have a limited number of hot showers available and changing tents. There will a hose available for the brave!